Philharmonie concert series

Rêves de printemps

Corinna Niemeyer, conductor

Ian Bostridge, tenor

25 February 2024
Philharmonie, Grand Auditorium

EN – Nuits d’été (‘Summer nights’) opens with the words: ‘When the new season begins, when the frost is gone …’. This song cycle composed by Berlioz will be performed by the outstanding tenor Ian Bostridge, accompanied by the OCL. Like an anthology of musical poetry, this programme brings together very personal interpretations of spring by the composers Lili Boulanger and Andrea Tarrodi. These spring dreams are also those of a certain Siegfried Wagner, son of Richard Wagner and Cosima Liszt. His idyll with this title – part tone poem, part haïku – oscillates between lullaby and awed awakening. Do we not always look at the new world, as it blossoms in spring, with the eyes of a child?