30th Anniversary of Differdange music school

Rudi de Bouw, conductor
Laura Waty, piano

23 March 2024
Aalt Stadthaus

EN – It is with the OCL that the Differdange music school has decided to open its thirtieth anniversary season, at the same time offering its students the opportunity to perform on stage alongside professional musicians. They will perform the best-known work by Myroslav Skoryk, Melody, described as the spiritual anthem of Ukraine. Laura Waty will play the Piano Concerto by Rudi de Bouw, which she premiered in Poland in 2022. Samuel Barber’s Adagio is a work very familiar to filmgoers, whilst the Serenade by Tchaikovsky may remind music-lovers of one of themes from Swan Lake. Inspired by a song sung in the streets of New York on New Year’s Eve, Dvořák’s Humoresque ends the programme like a Scottish dance tune, a subject that had earlier inspired the composer.