De Geescht oder d’Mumm Séis

Ivan Boumans, composer
Samuel Hamen, libretto

23 December 2023
SUN 17, TUE 19, WED 20, THU 21, FRI 22, SAT 23 DECEMBER 2023
Grand Théâtre

EN  To mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of the national poet Edmond de la Fontaine (commonly known as Dicks), the Théâtres de la Ville this year reveal a contemporary version of his most famous play, in a production by Jacques Schiltz. The author Samuel Hamen adds a new layer to the well-known ghost story Mumm Séis, bringing together past and present, nostalgia and irony, mixing acting, singing, orchestra and choir, based on a composition by Ivan Boumans. The play uses elements of science fiction, including a time-loop and time-travel, and thus creates a link between classic theatre and contemporary entertainment.