12 July 2024
Église de la Trinité
Luxembourg Ville

As part of the "Lunchtime Concerts", part of a long tradition of free concerts offered by the City of Luxembourg since 1983, the OCL brass quintet will open the ball during a lunch break. Created in 2021, the quintet's aim is to introduce the public to the beautiful colours and sounds of the vast brass repertoire.

For the concert at the Villa Vauban, the musicians have prepared a varied and colourful programme, spanning the eras from the Renaissance to jazz.

You'll enjoy works by composers as diverse as Edvard Grieg, Johann Sebastian Bach, Victor Ewald, Leonard Bernstein et Fats Waller. This eclectic programme aims to showcase the richness and versatility of brass instruments, capable of adapting to very different musical styles while retaining their unique brilliance.